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Glass Cube Displays

Get the perfect glass cube displays for your retail space at Smart Fixtures. With a wide selection of tempered glass cube units, you're sure to find the right merchandisers for your retail store.

Tempered, Shatterproof Glass Cube Displays are an Excellent Merchandising Option

For an elegant, sturdy product display that gives customers a clear, open view of what you're showcasing, consider retail class cubes by Smart Fixtures. Available in a wide variety of dimensions and shelving sizes, these cube units present browsers with an inviting showcase that clearly displays whatever you're selling- be it gifts, apparel, or home decor items. Your can shop for glass cube merchandisers according to numerous qualities, including:

  • Internal shelving dimensions
    Our glass cube display units are available in 4 different shelving dimensions: 12" high x 12" wide, 16" high x 10" wide, 14" high x 14" wide, and 16" high x 12" wide. With this kind of selection, you can select the glass cubes that merchandise your product perfectly. Also available are rounded glass cube merchandisers that have a softer feel than our square units.
  • Number of shelf units
    You can pick and choose glass cube displays that 3, 4, or 5 units high x 3, 4, or 5 units wide. Additionally, you can select whether your glass cube merchandisers are single or double sided. Double sided units are pefect as free standing displays, while single sided units make excellent wall shelving.

Our displays are made of tempered glass which is virtually shatterproof, and these panels are connected with either metal or Lexan (hard plastic) clips that act as connectors. We think customers shouldn't have to settle for any display that is less than perfect. Specializing in specialty and custom displays as well as providing a free retail design help service, Smart Fixtures is the industry leader in Design on Demand retail solutions.

Smart Fixtures believes in customer service. When a store owner needs help choosing the right glass cube displays for their retail space, they can turn to Smart Fixtures for personal and sincere help. If you're not sure how these glass displays will fit in your store, our professional sales agents can help you like no one else can, and they'll do it for free every time. You can see multiple 3D designs of your store with outfitted with glass cube displays. You're free to alter these designs as many times as you like to get the combination of glass cube displays your store needs, and at no time in the whole process will you be obligated to buy.