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Gridwall & Wire Fixtures


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Grid Wall Fixtures, Wall Units, and Panels

Here at Smart Fixtures we're ready to help you find the ideal stand alone gridwall fixtures and merchandising accessories to turn these displays into sales. Grid wall displays are ideal for electronics retailers, hardware stores, and many other store types. Easy to assemble and lightweight, griwall display units can be moved across your space with ease when altering the look of your store. Utilizing gridwall panels allows you to begin with a blank slate while you outfitt it with gridwall baskets and accessories that function as the actual merchandisers. Looking for grid wall displays of a certain type? Smart Fixtures carries gridwall wall units to line the perimeter of your store with densly stocked merchandsers as well as stand alone gridwall fixtures for use in the middle of your retail space. These free standing grid wall displays can be accessed from all sides and will generate numerous sales opportunities.

Outfit Your Store with Gridwall Displays and Baskets in One Step with Smart Fixtures.
Setting up an entire store layout with gridwall fixtures has never been easier. That's because Smart Fixtures offers a free store planning service to complement its selection of grid wall displays, panels, and accessories. Using this free service does not obligate you to buy at any point in the design process, so you can be sure that you'll only purchase the grid wall displays you need. Simply start by sending one of our experienced salespeople a rough blueprint of your space, then let us know which grid wall display units, stand alone fixtures, and panels you're interested in. Our designers will create an accurate 3D layout of your store using the grid wall display items you chose. At that point, you will work with our designers, refining your store layout with the fixtures you want. Our goal is to present you with options for your store along with the ability to decide which gridwall displays, baskets and fixtures will maximize your sales. Customers are encouraged to refine their designs as much as they like so that if they decide to buy they'll buy with the utmost confidence that they'll be getting the mix of gridwall display fixtures, wall units, and panels that will be most effective in their store. Call Smart Fixtures now at 800-393-7581 to speak with a salesperson.